Our Services and Supplies


Since 1988-89 we have start Indenting,,Iimport & Supply For Textile Machinery & Accessories from all over the world and time to time we have increase our supply scope such as Complete spinning mills from Jingwei + CTMTC & Others Chinese Manufacture Textile Spinning Machinery and spare parts from all over the china who is the best manufacture in china and we proud of our suppliers in china which is supply no.1 quality of product to the customers through our company. Currently we offer NEW & SECONDHAND Blow Room, Carding, Draw Frame, Roving Frame & Ring Frame & Parts as well as Compact & Siro and Slub devices & Parts too.


Workshop Machinery such as spindle oil Machine,Rubber Cots Grinding Machine,Metalic Mounting & Grinding Machine etc., Lab Instruments such as Rap Reel,Twist Tester,Moisture Meter,Stroboscope etc. and Dust Filtrations & Air-conditions complete project & individual Textile Machinery & Spare Parts from China and all over the world.


For spinning Machinery spare parts we have challenge no any supplier in Pakistan & abroad never cover our scope of supply because we have full command on Technical experience & Best Knowledge in this regards, From Blow Room to autoconer Including Dust filtrations & Air-condition systems only “Asghar Trading Co” Can offer a complete range of spare parts and accessories from china,Taiwan,India,Korea,Japan,Pakistan & all others part of the world.


Compact Parts: Lattice Apron for Sussen,Toyoda,Huafeng or any brand,

Jingwei Spindle Bolster , Steel Ring, Rubber Apron, Rubber Cots, Card Clothing,Fillet,Ring Travellers,spindle Tap, Air Ring, Bobbin Hanger, Flouted Roller, Top Roller, Cradle Plastic & stell,Apron Bar, Flat Bar & Chain for Cards,Calender Roller for Cards & Scutcher, Top comb strip, Cylinder for combers Reiter & Toyoda ,clear cloth, clear roll,creshna beater,spyke lattice, Roving Guide, Flyer pressure,gears,bracket & pulley and many spare parts at our running supply to the TEXTILE SPINNING MILLS in Pakistan.



Our Experience in Chinese Textile Machinery & Accessories & Changling Lab.Instruments


We have over 22 Year experience with chinese Textile Machinery and Accessories.

no body can't guess about who is better one factory and Corporation in China before visiting there ?.

after several visit in china now we can better than advice you better quality of Textile Machinery & Accessories from anywhere in China.becaus we know about quality and technical information that who chinese corporation obtain products from ISO International Standerd Well Repuetd Factories in China.know we can chllange to compare chinese Textile Machinery & Accessories with any other region in the world in Textile Machinery & Accessories